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14th Jun 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

Abandonment -
The choice to Flee.
Others may call it freedom, but inside no buddy wants to leave love,
compassion, the warm embrace.
To leave, to Run, to pull the trigger a smoking gun.
The whip cracks, all paddle right, the falling foe slips out of sight.
The out of control turn wobbles back and forth as it aligns itself clean out of sight.
Speed of light triggers memories shadowing dark and brightening light.
Each in balance, weighted just right.
The rations are served as they blur to the side,
looking up I’m about to Arrive.


This series was photographed over one months’ time on 12 different day/night trips within the Adirondack Park.  All the photos are as seen on camera… only moon light, head lamps and glow sticks were used in the creation of the photographs.  The above poem was written the morning after the final picture and the suddenly realized moment of abandonment.

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