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Harvest Moon
24th Sep 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

This past month I had been visiting my home of North Tonawanda, NY for about a week and a half… my longest visit in years.  Lots of rest and family time was good for the soul… remembering to when i was small(er).  On my trip back up to home in the ADK’s I started to see the colors of the season growing thicker as I traveled farther north past the blue line. The sun was out and showing….  more like reminding and refreshing my awareness that I live in such a majestic and powerful place full of space and wild things.  I had made it into Saranac Lake and got some pizza, while driving and chewing I took a nice piece of my tongue and ended up bleeding on my shirt.  Needless to say I was excited and energized to be home. The next 4 nights I went out under a full moon, which was a large Harvest Moon.  This is what happened…

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