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19th Apr 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Fracture  - Mckenzie Pond Boulders

A fracture is any local separation or discontinuity, such as a joint or a fault that divides into two or more pieces. A fracture will sometimes form a deep fissure or crevice. Fractures are commonly caused by stress exceeding strength. Fractures can provide permeability for fluid movement, such as water or hydrocarbons. When highly fractured [...]

15th Apr 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Myrtle Beach State Park Walk to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk at Pier 14

My journey Started ten miles south of the Boardwalk at Myrtle beach at the Lake Wood Campground, which had just won a national award for best Campground. I had not been to ocean shores for over two years since my good friends wedding and it had been almost 12 years since I was last at [...]

15th Apr 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Nigara Falls Painted Light Photography - American Falls - Skyline Tower

I parked my car on the American side of the falls and decided to head over the border to grab some shots of the lights that paint the falls every night. I had a few hours before the lights came on so I ventured up the Skyline tower for the first time and found out [...]

14th Apr 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Super Moon March 2011 - Pyramid and Sawteeth

I had been planning on setting out to catch this super moon not based on the size of the moon but rather the light it would end up shedding on the snow capped peaks. My friends wanted to go up during the day so they could get back to see music in town, but this [...]

14th Apr 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Whiteface Toll Road - Skiing the Scar

It was a late decision to head out, but I had all the time in the world to complete what I wanted to do. Ski up the toll road for some night shots then take a nap after sunrise then hit the summit when the clouds cleared. It was a calm night and even better [...]

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