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21st Feb 2011 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Bluseed Studio's Open Minded Mic Nights

One of the benefits of life in the North Country is that there is no shortage of places to exhibit and exercise the right to expression, and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to some of that raw emotion. The images below were taken over the past year at Bluseed’s monthly [...]

29th Dec 2010 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Under the Bridge

The Bridge, it’s said that everyone has a bridge in their life. This bridge could be to hang out under, to cross rivers or borders, or to provide a safe return. The Grand Island Bridge has been many things to me, passage to work, a towering archway high above the waters of the Niagara River [...]

11th Dec 2010 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
48 Hour Adirondack Canon burst's

Fact of Fiction I am decided on Slowing my clock,   or maybe I Don’t want to get old. I have determined that the perceived notion of time was way off       It was off by exactly one day. So I now I realize that I am only half as old and will age half as fast.  [...]

5th Dec 2010 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Adirondack Telemark Skiing

First day out on the mountain this year and the sky was open with a crooked cloud covering the summit. Squeezing an oRange on the hip is how you do it…. well that’s what I read. Luckily we ran into a local ski expert who gladly offered tips to redirect bad habits.

14th Sep 2010 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Adirondack National's Car Show

From a distance I could hear the roar of engines… I thought it might be a race, or a small chase but the sound wasn’t constant enough, and there wasn’t a track for miles.  I’m normally not a motorhead but it might have been all the shining chrome or all the funny faces that were [...]

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