Most recent work
First Night Out:  Copperas Pond in Wilmington NY. This was my first night camping of the spring.

It’s been told that the “night time is the right time”, well at least it’s a fun time.  I took my first night photograph in Australia stuck inside a bus stop.  It was pouring saltwater and I had to wait it out.  The lights of the oncoming traffic drew my eye so I propped up my camera and shot. I probably took a ton of shots to get the light right, but thanks to digital review it wouldn’t cost me but time to learn.

8 months later I would take a night photograph on my friend’s farm that changed my internal direction.  It’s probably the most influential moment I’ve had as a photographer.  It turned me on, I didn’t even know I was plugged in but it lite a fire in me.

I think it’s only fitting that my focus has come back to night photography.   Now focus…

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