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Here is a collection of Panoramic time prints that are available for sale. Please contact me if you have any questions on sizes or shipping.

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  • After BurnalgonSunriseRed

    This was my first sunrise hike since the winter.  It was a clear view of the sun as you can see and the weather couldn’t have been better for an 8 hour stint atop the second highest mountain in New York

  • Ironman 2011 Bikesbikes
  • Ironman 2011 Swim Startswimstart2011

    Free Shipping

  • Ironman Lake Placid 2010 Swim StartIronman Lake Plaicd 2010 Swim Start - shaun ondak

    Full version – 40 x 20      – -   Make sure you try the fullscreen button on the above movie!!!!! Cropped version – 12 x 36 standard frame size Free Shipping

  • Looking Both Ways at the Same TimeteackLookingbothWays-w

    I’ve seen both sides of the tracks , their made of rubble and glue, if you get caught in the middle you just mite get run over. Just noticed you can see the Big Dipper in the water reflection – Bonus!

  • Whiteface Mountain StaircaseWhiteface Mountain Staircase

    Another great view on my way up to the castle

  • Whiteface Mt. CastleWhiteface Mt. Castle

    It was a perfect day to be on top of a mountain. The wind was hardly noticeable and the sun was handing out one of its wonders.

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