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24th Sep 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

This past month I had been visiting my home of North Tonawanda, NY for about a week and a half… my longest visit in years.  Lots of rest and family time was good for the soul… remembering to when i was small(er).  On my trip back up to home in the ADK’s I started to [...]

12th Aug 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

I came to Dover to shoot photos for Wheaties.. this was for fun on sat afternoon!! Make sure you hit the full screen button!

14th Jun 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

Abandonment – The choice to Flee. Others may call it freedom, but inside no buddy wants to leave love, compassion, the warm embrace. To leave, to Run, to pull the trigger a smoking gun. The whip cracks, all paddle right, the falling foe slips out of sight. The out of control turn wobbles back and [...]

21st Mar 2013 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0
Laurie Berube
3rd May 2012 Posted in: Behind the Lens 0

So its finally May and the weather is turning, I got a new camera last week, I lost the majority of random hiking pics in a freak accident 7 months ago… so I decided to head out and grab some new  hiking pics with a girl that said her name was  Pochahontas This is Marcy [...]

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