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  • ADK Cabinjustin-camp
  • After BurnalgonSunriseRed

    This was my first sunrise hike since the winter.  It was a clear view of the sun as you can see and the weather couldn’t have been better for an 8 hour stint atop the second highest mountain in New York

  • Ausable Dam – Night CrossingAusable Dam - Ausable Club - Bridge Crossing

    I was happy to see the bridge lite up under the super moon. I had been standing on the summit of Pyramid for over seven hours, trying to keep my toes from turning black was getting to be a bit painful so when it was time to descend I moved very quickly to build up [...]

  • Bradford, NHBradford, NH

    On the road you can find what your mind is looking for.

  • Common MerganserShaun Ondak - Common Merganser

    Taken on the Saranac River.

  • Dead Wood Beaver Dam Mt Van HoevenbergDead Wood Beaver Dam Mt Van Hoevenberg

    On my way back from the summit of Mt Van Hoevenberg I couldn’t help but to be sucked back into this area I began calling “Dead Wood”. By day it looked like a beaver resort area, tons of wood to sample, three decent sized lodges and by night speckled with reflections of the stars above.

  • Endless Treks 2Night-15

    This is the second image of this location, a place of reflection and connection.

  • Franklin Falls, New YorkFranklin Falls New York

    I climbed down the ravine to get a good shot of the swirling funnel reminiscent of devils hole at Niagara Falls. The power that could be felt from the massive amount of water rushing through was breathtaking.

  • Ironmanswimstart2012

    The image is 12 x 36 a standard frame size. Printed image does not have logo in it.   Free Shipping on all orders   Here is the link to the 2011 Image… Ironman Swim Start 2011 Here is the link to the 2010 Image… Ironman Swim Start 2010 Click this link if you want [...]

  • ironmanswimstart2012

      The image is 12 x 36 a standard frame size. Printed image does not have logo in it.   Free Shipping on all orders   Here is the link to the 2011 Image… Ironman Swim Start 2011 Here is the link to the 2010 Image… Ironman Swim Start 2010 Here is the link to [...]

  • Ironman 2008SwimmStart08

    Free Shipping

  • Ironman 2011 Bikesbikes
  • Ironman 2011 Swim Startswimstart2011

    Free Shipping

  • Ironman Lake Placid 2010 Swim StartIronman Lake Plaicd 2010 Swim Start - shaun ondak

    Full version – 40 x 20      – -   Make sure you try the fullscreen button on the above movie!!!!! Cropped version – 12 x 36 standard frame size Free Shipping

  • Locally Grown Fluff

    This is a collection of Adirondack Images that I did for a Lake Placid Hotel, and are avilable in a simple black frame in a few different sizes. At the Bottom of the page there is a option to buy, just add the number(name) of the print(s). Shipping is FREE with in the United States

  • Looking Both Ways at the Same TimeteackLookingbothWays-w

    I’ve seen both sides of the tracks , their made of rubble and glue, if you get caught in the middle you just mite get run over. Just noticed you can see the Big Dipper in the water reflection – Bonus!

  • Midnight Wander – Whiteface MountainWhiteface Mountian - shaun ondak photography
  • Myrtle Beach State Park PierMyrtle Beach State Park Pier

    The Beach is a fascinating place at night.

  • Pryramid Mt Super MoonlightPyramid Mt Super Moonlight

    The moon was on its closest rotation to the earth in 18 years. The light it was producing was unreal, the snow capped mountains seemed like day. This photograph is one exposure… half exposed in one direction then moved to show a second view point… no photoshop post work.

  • Sunrise from Pyramid MountainShaun Ondak - Sunrise From Pyramid

    This shot was taken just shy of the summit, I had spent too much time shooting under moonlight on this trip that I had lost track of time and missed summiting before sunrise.

  • The Red BarnNight-24

    I have driven past this barn a million times and made comments about the people stopping to take pictures of it, but here I stand getting devoured by bugs waiting for the right light on the red barn.

  • Whiteface Mountain StaircaseWhiteface Mountain Staircase

    Another great view on my way up to the castle

  • Whiteface Mt. CastleWhiteface Mt. Castle

    It was a perfect day to be on top of a mountain. The wind was hardly noticeable and the sun was handing out one of its wonders.

  • Wilmington Flume – AdirondacksWilminton Flume Whiteface Shaun Ondak

    The water here last week was over 5 feet higher. The spot where my camera is was under water, and the pinnacle that splits the above two waterfalls was one massive flow. Make sure you hit the full-screen button on left side of the movie below

  • Witch HobblewitchHobble

    (aka: Woodsmans Delight)  This leaf is great when you run out of TP while camping.

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