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Dead Wood Beaver Dam Mt Van Hoevenberg

On my way back from the summit of Mt Van Hoevenberg I couldn’t help but to be sucked back into this area I began calling “Dead Wood”. By day it looked like a beaver resort area, tons of wood to sample, three decent sized lodges and by night speckled with reflections of the stars above.

29th Apr 2011 Posted in: Scenic, Scenic-Store 0
Franklin Falls, New York

I climbed down the ravine to get a good shot of the swirling funnel reminiscent of devils hole at Niagara Falls. The power that could be felt from the massive amount of water rushing through was breathtaking.

16th Mar 2011 Posted in: Panoramics, Panoramics-Store, Scenic, Scenic-Store 0
Whiteface Mountain Staircase

Another great view on my way up to the castle

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Sunrise from Pyramid Mountain

This shot was taken just shy of the summit, I had spent too much time shooting under moonlight on this trip that I had lost track of time and missed summiting before sunrise.

5th Jul 2010 Posted in: Scenic 0
Lake Placid Valley

With the sun rising to show Colden and Algonquin Mt as a backdrop, the ski jumps just jump out at you.

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